Presence and contact

ARADIA ACADEMY is a registered Danish institution (CVR: 38703080) with a physical office in Agger, 7770 Vestervig, Denmark.

EYECORNER PRESS is also affiliated with the academy, with its focus on poetics: from critical theory and philosophy to practices of divination, from poetry and drama to visual language and bi-lingual translations.

Although our classes are mainly online, on occasion we also organize live events.

Locally, these events take place in Agger, in the Danish National Park Thy around Lodbjerg and Tved, between Agger and Klitmøller, all 5 minutes away from our office.

Norway is also a favorite place, and we held workshops in Trondheim.

If you’d like to host a workshop, a talk, or a series of lectures by Aradia Academy, focussing on Cards and Zen, just cards or just Zen, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.

You can also find us in the social media, on Facebook, both at our business page, Aradia Academy, and also in the group Aradia Academi Alumni dedicated to all who have taken any of our course and want to stay in the loop and keep practicing.

Join us in the art of reading.



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