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We are Camelia Elias & Bent Sørensen

We embody Aradia Academy, and teach you what we know.

We read cards like the Devil. This is the equivalent of saying: We see things as they are.

We meditate and contemplate in the Buddhist tradition (Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism and nonduality à la Nisargadatta).

Camelia is the main teacher, and Bent assists.

We have been partners in life and work for more than 20 years and live in Denmark. We also share our lives with the she-dog goddess Frigg, a most beautiful mix of a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd.

camelia elias, aradia academy, husky

Camelia’s background

When Camelia got tired of her tenured professorship at Roskilde University, where she served in the capacity of chair holder of American Studies for 10 years, she decided to start her own school, opening its doors in 2017.

Why this decision?

Well, think. You’ve been in school. How much of what you were taught was the result of someone actually offering knowledge that was not politicised, not part of a 5-year plan, not part of ranking systems, not part of demands for global impact?

Dull, dull, and dull. Read more here about how Camelia went against dullness.

If you were lucky to study without noticing the pressure for fake images that your professor undoubtedly must have been under, consider yourself extremely fortunate. When Camelia started looking for the ‘higher’ in higher learning, upon realizing that it was impossible to spot, she made the decision to leave and try to make an individual impact. Or better yet, no impact. Just usefulness.

With the help of her students in her popular course Cards and Magic, Camelia orchestrated the casting of spells for Aradia Academy. She is, after all, a daughter of Aradia, born in Transylvania in the city of Arad.

Aradia Academy had to happen.

It did.

You are here because magical folks got together and and did their thing. You’re here because of magic.

Bent’s background

Bent is also is a former professor at Aalborg University. His field was American Studies with a specialization in popular culture, particularly the 60s.

He has retired recently, in August 2018, and is now ready to act as more than Camelia’s assistant. He plans to make his academic research into the Tarot and the poets and writers of the 60s available to Aradia Academy students in the form of individual lectures.

Those familiar with Bent’s communicative skills, can already testify to his sharp eye and very wry sense of humor, both in the Aradia Academy Alumni group and in the live classes; without Bent monitoring the chat room of Camelia’s every single online class, her attention would have to be divided. He answers all questions with competence and aplomb.

As our lives currently get organized around Aradia Academy, we hope to inspire genuine motivation for the learning that matters.

As we move along, we plan to have affiliate teachers and former students of Camelia’s cartomantic, magic, and nonduality classes participate in our offerings.

Welcome to our magical space.

The Art of Reading

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