Fortune-teller’s Fair

The 1st Aradia Academy Fortune-tellers’ Facebook Fair

November 24, 2018


Friends of Aradia Academy – Alumni, students and clients:

The Academy’s November activity will be an online Fortune-tellers’ Fair. If you have a question you’d like a reading for, we hope you will want to participate!

The price of admission will be a modest $20 for the whole fair.

Tickets are limited to 200…

Your admission is this image of Camelia’s key cabinet that she, however, uses for cards, placing it too on top of her lunch table. Just click on it and it will take you to Paypal where you can secure your spot.


The Fair will be open for 6 hours from 6 pm to midnight our time (noon to 6 pm US East Coast time), Saturday, November 24, 2018. There will be three 2-hour shifts with 5-6 different Fortune-tellers ‘on duty’ at any given time.

As a paying customer you can ask as many questions as you’d like (and the Fortune-tellers can manage to answer)! 

In other words, you can spend all 6 hours in the company of the fortune-tellers, asking them all sorts of questions, but you can also spend only as little as 5 minutes, and have just your most important questions asked.


What is the format of the Fair? It will take place in a “secret” Facebook group. A ticket will get you access to this group, and while the fair lasts you can hang out and watch readings and get as many for yourself as you can squeeze in.

Note that this format means that all ticket holders can see your question(s) and answers, so the Fair does NOT offer private readings in the traditional sense!


There will be an amazing array of various styles of reading with different decks represented in all three shifts during the Fair: Marseille, Lenormand/Oracle decks, playing cards, general Tarot such as RWS, Art Tarot. So, whatever style/deck you think you would like used for your reading, there is sure to be one represented.

What you get

What can you expect? Each Fortune-teller will deliver two hours of focused, snappy readings. Quick comprehensive answers delivered in a FB thread and illustrated by a clear, crisp photo of your cards. Have your questions ready, and pose them in the relevant Fortune-teller’s thread (the equivalent of their stall). If you don’t know the Fortune-teller personally, read their intro statement at the top of the thread.

Who is reading

Here is a list of our amazing Fortune-tellers, and the style(s) they will be reading in/with:

  • Judy Craven – Marseille Tarot
  • Robert Scott – Marseille Tarot
  • Dorian Broadway – Playing cards, Lenormand & RWS Tarot
  • Merete Veian – Arc Tarot & Trionfi della Luna
  • Jay Page – Lenormand & Palm readings (have a photo of your palm ready in advance)
  • Jason Silzer – Sephirot Tarot
  • Fortuna Aphro – Lenormand & Thoth Tarot
  • Veronica Chamberlain – Tarot of the Crone
  • Louise Fitzgerald – Playing cards & Tarot
  • Camelia Elias – Playing cards & the unique Carolus Zoya Tarot (Tarot Interdit on request)
  • Bent Sørensen – Elsa Dax Tarot
  • Jane Green – Oracle & Kipper cards
  • Cindie Chavez – Tarot of Prague
  • Ann Lally – Robin Wood Tarot
  • Marco Felgueiras – Lenormand
  • Geoff Krueger – Danske Dyretarot & Lenormand


We look forward to seeing you at the AAAFF on November 24 for a unique experience – and a showcase of the talents of the Aradia Academy Alumni!

If you hop onboard, you will receive an email with an invitation to the fair 2 days before the event. Stay tuned.

A Sensei & Janitor ProductionTM