Archived course, but if there’s demand, registration will open again in 2020.  Stay tuned for more. Price: $150.

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The course consists of pre-recorded videos plus pdfs that you get upon registration followed by one 2-hour live Q&A session.

In this advanced level course in perfecting the art of reading the grand tableau with the Lenormand cards, we focus on a classical topic:

  • Conflict and its manifestations in relational, situational, inner, and social contexts.

You learn to:

  • consolidate the importance of knowing how to assign relevant significators
  • create synthesis and synergy in a coherent transmission
  • incorporate the levels of description, reflection, analysis, and evaluation in your readings.
  • deal with troublesome ‘technical’ issues, such as determining the common sense behind temporal dimensions in relation to multiple subjects (who is in whose past or future), health markers, third party significators, and other ‘tricks.’

Meet your instructors


Perfect. The advanced course elaborated so well on what was started in the foundation course. For me the most essential was the work with the houses, and just more about reading what we see, of course.

– Sarah Loutzenhiser


This not only gave great illumination to the foundation course, more understanding of the huge meal that was foundation, it also gave confidence in the utilizing, in the doing, far beyond the basic course. I consider the Advanced to be necessary beyond the Foundation (and more Advanced classes, please!). The format is always perfect, and I’m very comfortable with it. The content was speedy, full, was a reach but stretched one just the right amount. I am so very grateful for your classes! I am honored to be learning from someone who has read and learned and practiced and thought deeply about these methods…. instead of someone spitting out to me robotically what they learned from another, who probably learned from books and rumor and reactionary repeated systems that have not been tested and vetted. I love that you mix logic with intuition with current of spirit with tradition with studied symbol with skepticism with assuredness of possible syntax, topped with zen, framed in nonduality. With all those ingredients and more, out pops a beautiful testable result. Figurative whip in hand, accompanied by your melodic soothing laughter, you read the damn cards like the Devil, one foot dancing back and forth from duality to non, while leading us to do the same illuminating dance.

– Kat Schlitz


The course was “canela fina” (pure cinammon, it means something extremely valuable and of the highest quality). The content was beautifully explained; I particularly liked when actual examples were selected to unpack and were thoroughly dissected. It’s easy to miss things when you’re learning and the examples used helped tremendously. Also, the homework (the assignments that I have completed at least) has been sneaky, they seem to be about flexing your cartomantic muscles and make you go through all the gymnastics of looking at the combinations within a GT; however, they were much more, they made you examine your life, your heart. Deep stuff. This is not just about learning to read Lenormand or any other divinatory system. You do end up reading the cards, alright, but you learn so much more. You learn to think and to laugh. And the Facebook community is truly wonderful.


– Cristina Castanedo

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  • Solid and competent lessons.
  • Practical examples – lots. We read the damn cards not ponder on their history.
  • Feedback in a closed Facebook group.
  • Non-hierarchical encounters. Our group has zero tolerance for nonsense, dominance, and aggression. We take our Zen training very seriously.



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  • I teach with passion and compassion the art of reading the cards like the Devil.
  • Check out a few essays that give you a taste of the method used to read with the Lenormand cards.
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