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We honor the contemplative arts. We honor the art of reading ourselves in context.

We honor the methods that get us to a place of radiance. The 4 Cs: context, question, clarity, and caliber.

We honor the art of reading visual and verbal texts of sacred and occult orientation.

We honor the art of silence in meditation.

How do we read what we allow ourselves to hear, sense, see, touch, smell, taste?

Being competent at reading the world around us through images, oracles, omens, and magical consciousness enhances our ability to function in the world on a premise that is more than the sum of our actions as dictated by what culture expects from us.

When we are adept at reading, at paying attention, we are fully present. We are fully engaged in seeing things as they are. We have penetrating vision.

We honor the great gift of penetrating vision, of clear mind.

We apply martial arts principles to reading techniques, inspired by fencing, Japanese swordsmanship, and calligraphy.


We offer:

Foundation level and advanced courses in practices of divination, divination techniques, divination philosophy and its cultural history.

Zen and Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques combined with cartomancy.

Magic discourses from the Renaissance to Neo-Paganism.

Storytelling and the experience oracular texts.

We honor the useful text

The useful text is a magical text.

A magical text is simply honest.


Welcome to Aradia Academy

Your hosts are:

Camelia Elias, PhD, Dr.Phil (link directs you to personal page and contact)

Bent Sørensen, PhD (link directs you to personal page and contact)

For a short intro of ourselves and our work for Aradia Academy, read about us here.



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