Courses and lectures


ARADIA ACADEMY offers online courses, lectures, guest lectures, conferences, and live workshops and retreats.

It also offers continuous learning, once a course has ended, in the Aradia Academy Alumni, a FB group for all who have taken any of the course offerings.

The main topics are:

  • Practices of divination, divination techniques, divination philosophy and its cultural history
  • Zen and Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques combined with the reading of cards
  • Magic discourses from the Renaissance to Neo-Paganism
  • Storytelling and the experience of oracular texts

Current Courses

Courses are divided into four categories:

  • Method
  • Language awareness and deconstruction
  • One-on-one tuition
  • Guest collaborations





What they say

  • Camelia Elias transmits tarot in a way I can feel in my bones. Her two books on the subject are pure gold. And I have zero doubt this class is rich with real life magic. 

– Fabeku Fatunmise, Business awesomizer and sonic alchemist

  • If you want to learn how to read Tarot by one of the most talented, creative and magical minds I know, then you MUST study with Camelia Elias. Personally, since learning Camelia’s style of reading my clarity and accuracy has improved radically. Plus, all the people who usually join are awesome in their own creative/magical way. Do it!

– Samantha Blackadder, Apothecary

  • I cannot recommend CARDS AND MAGIC highly enough. I have been reading cards for over 25 years and Camelia has completely refreshed and focused my reading style. Get in while you can… Camelia, you are a BAD WITCH, and a great teacher.

– Jason Miller, Strategic Sorcerer at Inominandum

  • RADIANT READING was a BALL! It was a fantastic experience; I was looking forward to the live-class meetings. This is not just a tarot reading class; it’s a mind-bending philosophy course.

– Cristina Castanedo, mathematician

  • Radiant Reading was a very effective advanced course. It exposed the way that you, Camelia, actually go about doing a reading… beyond the basic concepts… deeper into the “looking”… paying attention… common sense making connections aspects of readings… even using positional spreads. It busted everything up, then put it back together again… minus belief systems and preconceptions… plus your ever present toughness.

– Charles Webb, filmmaker

  • The Lenormand Foundation Course was a priceless time. However it sounds—I’d pay triple for studying with Camelia! The Grand Tableau feels so much easier—I just enjoy looking at MORE cards which is a huge success! I’ve always felt like 9 cards may be more accidental than all 36 (hilarious, I know), laying pretty in their positions, so gaining confidence in reading the Grand Tableau is my beloved success. Thank you for being on this earth at the same time as me. LOVE YOU.

– Marta Spendowska, artist and painter

  • Camelia, your courses are “Open Mind Courses” and, of course, Lenormand Foundation Course had this effect on me. You show me not only how to read, but how to think. This is priceless. But what I love most is the Fearless. You teach me I have nothing to fear. Thank you so much. I think the method is amazing. And I can say that everything you show me make changes in my life. At the end of each class, I had a feeling that my brain is a little bit different. I call it the “Eureka Feeling”. I love it. A huge THANK YOU! I love your energy, and your dedication. Thank you so much for everything. And don’t forget to write my name on your list of eternal student.

– Elaine Trinidade, linguist

  • Like always, Camelia’s instruction taught me the essentials and how to use them, and how to pull it all together without getting lost or rambling down woodpaths. I cannot recommend the Advanced Lenormand course highly enough to anyone who would grasp the Grand Tableau and wield it as a powerful divinatory tool, improve their skill with Lenormand in general, and deepen their practical understanding of the principles and techniques essential to success in any and all forms of cartomancy. Camelia is truly the very best of the very best!

– John Felczack, engineer


What an Aradia Academy class is, and what it isn’t

  • NOT a class in memorization, or in what people say.
  • NOT EVEN a class in deduction.
  • It’s a class in seeing what you see, and composition.
  • How do you put it so the other you read the cards for gets it?
  • It’s a class in getting that ‘what you get’ is always anchored in your own circumstances and condition.
  • When you read cards you just make clear what circumstance and condition is.
  • You go from seeing what IS to prediction, but the premise for seeing what IS and prediction is NOT one of ‘I know everything,’ but one of ‘I haven’t a bloody clue’.
  • You look at what happens in the space between claims to knowledge: ‘It will happen’, and ‘Relax: Just read the damn cards’.


  • Reading visual text is one of the highest contemplative arts.
  • It’s a fast track to seeing articulated into images your innermost fears and desires.

  • You want to be acquainted with the content of your unconscious, simply because that’s the one that rules.
  • Your ego has the function of helping you navigate through culture, but contentment arises from acknowledging what you are beyond culture.

  • Acquiring this knowledge is both painful and it takes a long time.
  • Not so when we make recourse to art, images, oracles, divination, and all the other disciplines of inquiry that foreground meditation on the simple question of the self.

  • We think the self has substance, and we act according to that, but is that really so?
  • We could argue that the image and self-image make the world go round – and that is true, culturally speaking – but it is not true from the perspective of seeing where these images come from.
  • They come from us, from our minds.
  • Our own minds are the center of the universe.
  • But how many know this, even beyond what we call ‘knowledge?’

In a nutshell

ARADIA ACADEMY thus offers courses that develop penetrating vision.

  • Do you see clearly?
  • How do you know that you see clearly, if you think you do?
  • If you’re attached to your thinking that you see clearly, then you don’t see clearly. This is called logic. Your thinking is not reality, ergo, thinking about knowing what you are is not the same as knowing what you are.


  • To split hairs.
  • To frustrate and irritate you.
  • To demolish your attachments.
  • To call you out on your bullshit.

What we follow

We draw on the following disciplines:

  • Cartomancy and divination (philosophy and practice)
  • Meditation and nondual perception (philosophy and practice)
  • Occult knowledge (philosophy and practice)
  • Magical traditions (philosophy and practice)
  • The practice of thinking and engaging with spiritual texts draws on the following traditions:
    • from semiotics to semantics (structuralism to storytelling)
    • from Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese, Japanese and Korean Zen to Kashimir Shaivism (advaita vedanta à la Nagarjuna and Nisargadatta)
    • from Kabbalah to Gnosticism
    • from Renaissance Neoplatonism to alchemy and Solomonic witchcraft


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